Flesh-eating Krokodil

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What is this?

The krokodil drugs formal name is actually desomorphine, and it’s known to be a powerful variant of morphine. The ” poison ” use didn’t get much attention from the public eye until the year 2010, but there are reports that it has been liberally abused as far back as the year 2003. It’s easily created from red phosphorous.
iodine, and codeine. While  popularity has become unquestionable, the consistency of its quality is anything but.

Where is it from?

Krokodil is believed to have originated in Russian soviet republics in the earlier half of the 2000’s, with its most frequent use being observed in places like Siberia and Poland. The use of this posion expanded to a grand amount of about 20,000 users in Russia before 2010, and recently, there have been reports of deaths occurring stateside. As of October, 2013, United States hospitalizations and deaths from Krokodil have been reported in Joliet, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona. There is no reason not to believe that the krokodil drug may be recreationally used in small subsets of Europe and the states that have not yet been reported.

Krokodil Drug Russia

Krokodil Drug Russia

What are the effects exactly?

It’s become increasingly popular in the 2000’s mostly because it is seen as a cheap and accessible alternative to heroin. It’s creates a high that is said to be about eight to ten times more powerful than the standard dose of morphine, and its onset is far more brief ; the withdrawal effects are almost much more swift than the heroin as well. The drug will create an intense high in the user that is very short lived, and yet in the process, incredibly potent in completely sedating the user.

Why do people still using it?

Krokodil drug side effect

Krokodil drug side effect

Ultimately, it has been used so much due to the fact that those who are after it are looking for a swift and easy alternative to heroin. The high of the drug, being eight to ten times more potent than heroin, can be very attractive to those who are consumed with a want for self gratification and have no care for their self preservation. The high very quick compared to other opiates, which may lead some people to believe that it isn’t very harmful compared to heroin, a high that can generally last about four to eight hours.

Side effect of Krokodil Drug

Side effect of Krokodil Drug

What are the side effects?

This ” poison ” is less famous for its actual, desired effects as it is for its particularly severe side effects. Because the it’s often made from impure ingredients that could range from gasoline to paint thinner, it can result in lesions on the skin that develop into complete absences of flesh that leave the user with the appearance of having skin violently removed from their body. Before claiming the lives of uses, Krokodil is reported to give their skin a scaly and discolored texture that can be compared to a reptile. After one has begun taking an average life expectancy is no longer than about two years.

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